We strive to support at-risk youth and children in the foster care system. Your donation will help these children experience a life that they don’t know exists. We help these children to attend school with new clothing, backpacks and shoes that fit.

Birthdays are celebrated with age appropriate gifts. The children are taught table manners and rewarded by having dinner at a very nice restaurant. Tutors are matched with students so that they can improve academically.


Students earn gifts and prizes for academic improvements throughout the year which we purchase with your generous donations. 

Children are given luggage so that they don’t have to travel with garbage bags. 

If the children decide to play sports they are shop for appropriate sports gear for both safety and so that they fit in with the other kids.


We also pay fees for sports, music, or art. When summer comes around we will find camps that are of interest to the kids. Annual trips are held for the children to Disneyland, Knox Berry Farm, Legoland, Six Flags, Sea World and the beach. Your donations pay for these excursions. 


Seminars that empower young people to know their right are held for this population. The children learn the necessary skills to become leaders. They have a clearer understanding of what happens to them if they chose to drop out of school. Won’t you help us in our mission to support at-risk youth and foster children. 



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