Programs that teach discipline, self esteem, and problem solving are all key to helping these children learn how to overcome the tragic circumstances of their predicament. They need to learn how to deal with bullies. They have to learn to be self motivated to go above and beyond their meager life. They must learn to shake off average or below average prospects and shoot for the sky. They must push beyond their comfort area to stretch out and learn to be leaders. 


Critical thinking skills are paramount in today’s learning environment. Many at risk children lack the confidence and skills to successfully perform in the STEM/STEAM arena. Activities that educate this population is critical to their well rounded understanding of the world. Science, technology, engineering, math and art education for this population was unheard of a few years ago. We want to make it a priority for these youths.. 


Minority youth, immigrant populations, gender identified juveniles need the skills and support to maneuver the mine fields of life. Programs that can help these children garner the appropriate skills or assistance are important to their success. Children need legal counsel when faced with immigration issues, family court issues, and other juvenile issues that the may find themselves involved. 


Growing up in a household after their father passed when the Jordan children were 4, 6, and 8, they were exposed to travel at an early age. They traveled throughout the United States and internationally. Because they were able to experience in realtime things they read about it broadened their understanding of life. Their expectations and desires were global and wide reaching. They want the same for all children. All travel opportunities will be considered. 

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