A simple understanding for those letters stands for Science, Technology, Engineering and Math. STEAM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math. The teaching embraces teaching skills and subjects in an a way that resembles real life. With that philosophy we incorporate and promote higher level thinking skills. We want the high risk, at risk, youth to have the opportunity to explore and have experiences in this critical thinking arena. 

Leadership and Training

We focus on underprivileged, at risk, and foster children. We teach the youth competencies and skills in the areas of individual constitutional rights, leadership training, and goal setting. Supporting various avenues of learning modalities we train these young people using techniques that will quickly resonate with this population. These competencies provide these youth with the foundation necessary to have a powerful voice and say in who they are and what they will become. 


Social Justice  

We strive to ensure the children understand their Individual Rights, Customs and culture of the State and Federal U.S. Legal System, Immigration Laws, and Immigration Proceedings and Practices. 


Because not all classrooms have four walls, it is imperative that this population be given the opportunity to travel to have real life experiences that they can touch, taste, and see. Many new understandings are acknowledged and learned by these young people when they travel to the sites to breathe and visualize the knowledge. Hands on opportunities afford the children the added understanding needed for them to learn. We have to take these children to places they have only dreamed of, giving them both roots and wings! 


Youth on the Rise Worldwide, is a  non-profit organization located in Maricopa, Arizona. Created by a fearless and inspirational sibling group of 3, the Jordan children are coming together with their passion, knowledge, and expertise, to continue the fight for underprivileged youth in Arizona first, and then worldwide. 

We strive to support at-risk youth and children in the foster care system. Your donation will help these children experience a life that they don’t know exists. 

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