Mrs. Maryalice Jordan Lowe was born and raised in Warren, Ohio. In her late teenage years, she made her way to Arizona. After graduating from South Mountain High School in Phoenix Arizona, Mrs. Lowe obtained a degree in English Literature with a minor in Education from Arizona State University. Mrs. Lowe began her professional career in Pinal County where she was a substitute teacher in Maricopa and Casa Grande.


After a year, she became a teacher in Eloy, Arizona at Santa Cruz HS where she gained great experience as a teacher to underprivileged youth. After a year of teaching high school, she began teaching English in Stanfield, where she also resided for 11 years. As her passion for helping underprivileged youth succeed began to grow, Mrs. Lowe knew she had more to give. After the death of her husband, Bubba Jordan, she moved to Casa Grande and accepted a position in which she returned to Eloy with her 3 children. She was the director of the family resource center for 11 years.


It was in Eloy, where Mrs. Lowe created her Youth on the Rise program. Focusing on educating the underprivileged youth of Pinal County, Mrs. Lowe held lock-ins, youth leadership training and camps in Northern Arizona. She fed and clothed families who had little to no resources to do so themselves. Yet still, Mrs. Lowe's passion called her to do more. She ran for the local school board and became a successful advocate for children in Eloy. Mrs. Lowe completed her Master of Education Degree, and then accepted a position as principal at Jurisprudence charter school in Tucson, Arizona. She consulted with the U.S. Department of Education where she helped identify Blue Ribbon Schools throughout the country. She later traveled as an educational consultant to underperforming schools across the United States. She worked with various schools including; New York City, Los Angeles, New Orleans, Milwaukee, Chicago, Dallas, Miami, Cleveland and many more.


Mrs. Lowe gave her entire career to helping America's underprivileged Youth Rise until she retired. As the passion continues to rise within her children they intend to pick up where their mother left off, helping the world's underprivileged Youth Rise! 

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